Unleashing the Abstract: AI Interprets Kandinsky’s Artistic Language


The intersection of artificial intelligence and art has brought a novel perspective on how we perceive, interpret, and even create art. As we delve deeper into midjourney 5.1, we embark on a journey where the machine attempts to decipher the visual language of Wassily Kandinsky, one of the pioneers of abstract art.

Kandinsky’s work, known for its abstract and subjective representation of reality, challenges the conventional boundaries of form, color, and composition. His artistic language, far removed from the tangible and literal, communicates through pure abstraction, where every form, line, and color has a symbolic meaning.

What midjourney sees

Kandinsky – Composition 8

What midjourney sees ? Prompts generated based on /describe command :

1 – a painting showing various shapes and colors, in the style of bauhaus influence, infinity nets, kinetic lines and curves, large-scale paintings, classic composition, large canvas sizes, prairiecore

2 – painting of circles, squares and circles, in the style of wassily kandinsky, kinetic lines and curves, light red and sky-blue, large-scale paintings, serge marshennikov, linear movement, layered and complex compositions

3 – an abstract painting with multi colored zigzags in shape, in the style of wassily kandinsky, infinity nets, monochromatic white figures, cubist shapes and planes, precisionist lines, revived historic art forms, frontal perspective

4 – a painting with an abstract background and many circles and circles, in the style of angular lines, bauhaus, whiplash curves, multiple points of view, punctured canvases, made of all of the above, soft lines and shapes

Generation based on prompt 1

Generation based on prompt 2

Generation based on prompt 3

Generation based on prompt 4


Midjourney easily recognizes kandinsky’s painting as shown in prompt 2. It’s fascinating to see the name of Serge Marshennikov appear, a contemporary russian painter whose style seems very far from Kandinsky


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